Additional Services / consultation services 

Due to his professional experience and skills, Adam is in a position to be able to offer the following unique services;

  • Home visits
  • School & College counselling, including school / college visits and liaison work
  • Independant Mental Health risk assessments
  • Local Authority work, including looked after children's counselling interventions
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Report writing services
  • Second opinion work
  • Case review & consultation
  • Clinical case supervision
  • Therapy Group Facilitation (includinding supervision and start up support services) 
  • Nursing  care case review 
  • Workplace counselling and Mental Health support
  • Individual coaching and training to individuals and small groups around specific mental health and emotional wellbeing subjects
  • Pro Bono publico work (subject to circumstances)

All the above services are subject to an initial telephone consultation to discuss need and then a pre agreed hourly rate.