Differences between coaching & counselling

Many people wonder whether they would benefit from coaching or from counseling.  If you’re confused about the difference between these two approaches of working then you’re not alone! Coaching and therapy serve two distinct purposes but there is a fair amount of overlap, and because of this it can be extremely confusing!

The overlap

Coaching and therapy both create a positive, healing relationship between the coach or therapist and client, and its this relationship which is the focus or catalyst for change. The common overlaps in the training of a Coach and a therapists is that both have training, knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and motivation. Both professions help clients set and achieve their goals.

The difference?

As already mentioned there are big differences despite the above overlaps. A major difference between coaches and counsellors is the nature of their training, however a few other basic differences have been listed below:


  1. Focuses on both the past and the present, and in some disciplines also looks to the future to achieve change

  2. Can be of great help to clients who struggle with difficulties from their personal past

  3. Can be used to treat a mental health diagnosis (which includes everything from severe issues such as PTSD  to minor, short-term issues such as adjustment disorders)

  4. Counselling can generally be covered by insurance depending on the credentials of your counsellor

  5. A Counsellor is someone who creates a safe and supportive space for you to explore who you are and cope with what you are facing in life 

  6. Counselling helps you identify problems and act as a support system to help you gain the strength and clarity to cope and to move forward

  7. Traditionally counselling is not generally offered through a range of different media and will usually require face to face meetings between client and counsellor (although some forms of counselling are now able to be offered both online and by phone)

Counselling is for people facing any life situations where emotional and/or cognitive change is required. It is suited for people who are healthy and functional, as well as people coming from a past of trauma, depression, mood disorder, bereavement, addiction, bullying, abuse and neglect, etc.


  1. Focuses on helping people achieve their goals with the basic presumption that coaching clients are in a good and willing place mentally and emotionally

  2. Coaching focuses on creating and maintaining motivation for change, exploring obstacles to change, and creating plans for change.

  3. Coaching does not involve mental health diagnosis and helps mentally well people function at a higher level

  4. Is generally not covered by insurance or health savings accounts

  5. Coaches generally are happy to offer a range of different media to access their services, such as face to face, by phone, by email, or through video calling

  6. Generally more acceptance of coaching, less stigm

  7. Coaching is extremely action orientated with the primary focus on the clients present life and the future

who is coaching for?

  • You might be a leader, an executive or the owner of a successful small business looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family

  • You might be a young adult with a dream or desire to have more clarity about your future and career

  • You might be a mature woman or man looking to re-energize, re-juvenate and enhance your sense of self, self-image, confidence and wellness

  • You might be a parent looking to understand your children better and get more informed about parenting skills

  • You might be a retired professional or an empty-nester looking to find a higher purpose or simply to make the difference in the lives of others, but unsure as to which direction to choose

  • Perhaps you are a writer, a musician or an artist looking for a creative breakthrough or support juggling your craft with other responsibilities

  • You might be a cancer or other life-threatening disease survivor looking to plan out and begin practicing a totally new lifestyle

  • Maybe you desire to take your already strong relationship to new heights and venture out of your comfort zone

  • Maybe you simply want to learn how to have more fun

Coaching is for any individual who would like help to achieve their goals who are in a good and willing place mentally and emotionally, and ready to receive guidance and instruction on how to make changes that will help them on their journey. The work focuses on creating and maintaining motivation for change, exploring obstacles to change, and creating plans for change.

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