records management & data handling

how is my information stored?

Session notes and records are held both in paper format and also scanned electronic copies of these paper formats. 

where is my information stored?

Paper notes are held at the clinic that we have our sessions at, Silver Street Clinic, Maldon Essex.

Silver Street is shared by a number of registered professionals and all clinic notes are held in a locked shared filling cabinet of which only employed professionals - all bound by confidentiality rules - have access. In addition to this I also hold electronic / scanned copies of written notes and session information.

Electronic copies of written notes are held on a password protected computer to which only I (your counsellor) has access.

how long is my information stored for?

All notes and personal information gathered during our work together will be held following our final session for a period of 7years and then destroyed securely (and in the case of electronic records) deleted as required under my insurance terms and conditions.

At the end of our work together your phone number, email address, text messages will all be held for a further period of one month and then deleted. These items are held on my mobile phone which is also password protected and anonymised to protect your confidentiality, text messages will only be deleted at this time. Emails sent to me will be downloaded / printed and form part of your records and be handled as described above. Received emails and responses from myself will then be deleted from the email server within the week of it being received and read or sent.

can i see the information that you hold on me?

Put simply. Yes. 

If you wish to view your records during our session work, or any time after our sessions together (upto 7years) you can make a written freedom of information request to see your records. A response will be given within 20 calendar days of receiving the request and a charge maybe applied under these circumstances to cover the administration costs of taking your notes out of storage &/or preparing them for your review. 

can anyone else see my notes?

Not without your permission.

If I (your counsellor) receive a request from a third party to view your notes, I shall first contact you and discuss the request. I can also take instruction from you in writing to disclose parts or all of your notes to named individuals. We will always discuss these details as they arise.